SuperNova Invest Supports Core For Tech As Startup Raises 3.5 Million EUR

Core For Tech TM raises 3.5 million euros and receives financial support from the Government through France Relance to consolidate its position as a leader in the fight against drowsiness at the wheel.


A Lille startup which saves lives and addresses CSR issues

In 2018, in collaboration with a team of researchers from the Regional Medical Center of Lille, CORE FOR TECH developed an innovative scientific solution unparalleled on the market. This system measures the first physiological signs of driver drowsiness before they are felt by him. The technology processes signals indicative of heart rate variability. As a reminder, 1 out of 3*** fatal accidents on the motorway are caused by drowsiness.

This system is designed for carriers, car manufacturers and suppliers and large listed groups subject to high CSR stakes.

« For us, this new fundraising comes in a very favorable context, as a new regulation issued by the European Commission obliges European countries to take strong action against falling asleep at the wheel. As a result, all players in road transport, construction or automotive equipment are compelled to strengthen safety on board their vehicles », says Nicolas Vera, President of CORE FOR TECH.

« Added to this is the government’s strong desire to finance innovation, particularly in the automotive sector. This subsidy shows that they have understood our technology’s potential to save lives. All indicators are green for the development of our company. » […]

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