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saves lives fighting drowsy driving.

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Each year, drowsy driving kills over


people in road crashes*
*source: AAA asociation 2017

Anticipating drowsy driving, CORE for Tech ™ goes one step further.

Measuring physiological signs of drowsiness allows CORE for Tech ™ to get very early signs of fatigue and act accordingly.

Thanks to 20 years of public research, CORE for Tech™ patented software scientifically measures your drowsiness while your are driving. Using native sensors or retrofit technology in your vehicle, we analyse the heart rate variability and transform it into valuable data. From this indicators, we are able to identify early stage drowsiness, take action to fight it and prevent risks. This way, we improve traffic safety.

Estimating is not enough, CORE for Tech™ measures.

Detecting is not enough, CORE for Tech™ predicts.

Reacting is not enough, CORE for Tech™ anticipates.

CORE for Tech™ acts way before your behavior is dangerous already, taking into consideration what’s ahead. CORE for Tech™ actually sees where you’ll be some time after. How tired are you know and will you be then? What will driving conditions look like at that time? What step of your journey will you be on? CORE for Tech™ knows all of this and suggests the safest and best options, tailor-made for you in real time.

Our vision

Measure physiological signs of drowsiness • Get very early signs of fatigue • Act accordingly.

Making the driver a key player of road safety

Attention is crucial to the road safety. And yet, every year 300 000 people lose lives by driving drowsy. We believe that everyone should be able to monitor fatigue and drowsiness to take action and drive safely.

How do we proceed ? By giving drivers and vehicles access to the physiological measure of drowsiness and supporting actions accordingly to drive safely.

Building the vehicles of tomorrow

Though addressing drowsiness while driving is the first step in our mission, we also aim to shape the vehicles of tomorrow. A technology that will allow for everyone to feel safe and live new experiences while traveling, being the driver as well as being a passenger.

How it works

Once deployed on a mobile application or on a chipset, our software technology analyses the user Heart Rate Variability and provides Early Signs Drowsiness indicator to the driver and the vehicle.

By crossing this drowsiness score with driving conditions such as traffic, road type, weather and time period, CORE for Tech™ predicts drowsiness level to come and optimizes the journey.

Our algorithms are built on physiology, heart rate variability expertise and low power consumption AI that makes our technology reliable and scalable.

Team & Values

Who we Are

  • We are a very complementary team, putting Science, Technology and Business together.
  • We have an exclusive Public Research team of experts and PhDs designing deep science innovations.
  • We have the best engineers turning scientific innovations into products.
  • We are a strong team making this amazing technology a business.

Our Values

  • Human is at the heart of what we do. Everything we do have a positive impact for people.
  • People are our main asset. Building and motivating the perfect team is our obsession.
  • Disruptive innovations is our daily source of motivation.
  • No hierarchy, whatever we do, we do it together.
  • Humility. We learn from each other to go fast.
  • Ownership. We take personal responsibility on what we deliver.
Nicolas Vera

Nicolas Vera

Chief Executive Officer, Engineer with Corporate Senior Commercial positions background

Former AB inBev Executive

Senior Director in charge of Sales

HEC Paris

Stéphane Rigaut

Stéphane Rigaut

Chief Finance Officer, Broad Experience in managing business units and transformation

Former Chargeurs group Executive

Group management committee

Business Unit CEO, CFO

HEC Paris

Régis Logier PhD

Régis Logier PhD

Clinical Investigation Center for Innovative Technology Manager

PhD in signal processing

INSERM CIC IT Unit Director

30 years of Public Scientific Research

Many patents and Publications

Ambroise Recht

Ambroise Recht

Chief Technology Officer, Engineer with knowledge of signal processing

A-Volute co-founder

10 years Entrepreneurship background

Ecole Centrale Lille

Baptiste Chevallier

Baptiste Chevallier

PhD Student, UTC Compiègne Laboratory

Both Corporate (ABB) and Startup (The Chatbot Factory) Background

Engineer with experience in AI

Zakaria Mrani Alaoui

Zakaria Mrani Alaoui

Data Scientist, Master in Artificial Intelligence

Dual Degree in Data Science and Information System

Former Info System Manager at Cheikh Zaid International Hospital, Rabat, Morroco

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